"Road Rage, And Everything you Need
To Know About Defensive Driving To Avoid And
Overcome This Issue."


Driving Your Vehicle Is Very Dangerous These Days. Get All The Information You Need To Know About Road Rage – Right Here!



Road rage has come into the news within the last twenty years or so as a very real way of life for drivers on the road all over the world.  When we are met with another driver who makes a not so smart move behind the wheel, we have a variety of responses that we are able to make.

We can:

  • Vent without retaliating

  • Vent with retaliating

  • Not vent but stay cool and objective

  • Not vent and doing something else

You see, there really is not much you can do about someone else’s behavior, but there definitely is something you can do about your own.  Road rage is very real and it can have devastating circumstances.


You Owe It To Yourself To Read This Book

Maybe you’ve never even thought about road rage and how to deal with it.  These people didn’t either:

  • 27 year old mother of two Meeghan who cut off another driver on the highway and was followed to a mall parking lot where the other driver stabbed her to death

  • 16 year old Jonathon who was run off the road by an aggressive driver and totaled his car

  • 54 year old Suzanne who suffered third degree burns when another driver threw hot coffee through her window because she was driving too slow

They didn’t think about road rage before these incidents happened to them.  They had to learn about road rage the hard way.

You Don’t Have To

This incredible new book “Defensive Driving: Avoid Road Rage For Good” contains all of the information you need to know about road rage and aggressive driving without having to learn it first hand.

Driver’s education courses do people a dis-service to those who are taking the classes.  They don’t cover information like what to do when confronted with an angry driver or how to react when another driver behaves irresponsibly.  They teach you how to drive, but they don’t teach you how to drive defensively

This Book Does

The media has made road rage a part of our everyday lives when they report incidents that occur on the roadways.  However, it’s been around for years and years.  Unfortunately, our ways of dealing with bad drivers have become increasingly violent and more deadly than in previous years.

Defensive Driving: Avoid Road Rage For Good”  takes information from experts and people who have been there to teach you how you can deal with your own road rage as well as that of others.  This book will show you:

  • The difference between aggressive driving and road rage

  • How to tell if you have a tendency toward road rage yourself

  • Ways to stop your own aggressive driving

  • Methods that will help you control your reactions to other drivers

  • How to drive with emotional intelligence

  • And more!

You see, it's up to us how we respond to other drivers and it's up to us how we train ourselves to respond. This book teaches emotional intelligence for the driver. This is a skill we can learn with some practice behind the wheel. The rewards for learning this new way are tremendous. You insulate yourself from negative stress on highways.  You build up a positive highway community and you contribute to it. You are safe, happy, and smart.

Road rage doesn’t “just happen”.  It’s a response to a behavior that you can’t control.  What you can control is your own reaction.  This book is a step toward becoming a better driver and a more courteous person when you’re behind the wheel.

Defensive Driving: Avoid Road Rage For Good”  does so much more than just show you how to react to a bad driver.  It tells you everything your driving instructor should have told you, but didn’t.  This book will tell you how to:

  • Recognize and deal with a drunk driver

  • Be safe while parking

  • Drive on ice

  • Drive at night

  • Report an accident

  • Deal with a fatigued or sleepy driver

It’s a truly comprehensive guide to learning how to drive defensively and control your reactions to other people who aren’t doing the same as you.  Road rage is frustrating.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be Anymore

You could spend hundreds of dollars on seminars and/or counselors to learn how to deal with aggressive behavior.  Some people do.  With “Defensive Driving: Avoid Road Rage For Good” , you don’t have to.  What you will get with this book is a way to learn about driving styles and the best ways to combat those that make driving dangerous.

The best part about this book is its price.  Like we said, you could spend hundreds of dollars for similar information.  You could spend hours on end searching for the information you need on the Internet, but why would you want to do that?

Especially since...

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 Happy driving!

All the best,

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