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The Best Little Book of Art Tips is a 27 page "bible of tips" on Drawing, Oil & Acrylics, Watercolor Painting and Mixing Colors -  Revealing Secrets the Art Masters Use!



Dear Artist,

Let's face it, most people who have never painted before believe painting and drawing is a very difficult skill to master - and that it's even more difficult if you believe you have "zero talent".  Impossibly tough in fact!

There's no doubt, learning to paint and draw can be challenging for any artist.  Too often the study of art is dull and boring, and self-study books are confusing and lacking in good information.  Frankly, the most common complaint amongst art students is study books containing a minimum of useful information offered at the maximum price - much better for ornament than for use!

The big problem is that most books on the subject are filled with boring description after description, and not enough nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts information with clear illustrations and drawings.

Sound at all familiar?

But now there's good news!..   It's much easier than you think!...


Some Right (and Wrong) Ways to Learn Painting and Drawing

We have recently put together a fantastic little book of art tips gathered from many of the sources used by experienced artists and art masters.  "The Best Little Book of Art Tips" is is the quickest and easiest way to learn painting, drawing and color tips that are worth their weight in gold!  It's 27 pages are jam-packed with nitty-gritty information, tips and techniques to get you drawing and painting in no time.  In fact, absolutely everything any artist would need.

The tips are divided up into 6 sections:

  • Drawing:  There's really no shortcut to learning how to draw well, it simply takes plenty of practice......practice......practice!  Again, don't think of drawing as a talent you're born with, but a skill you can acquire by working at it and gradually improving, like any other skill. These pages contain plenty of great tips for improving your drawing.

  • Watercolor:  Watercolor can be roughly divided into pure or trans­parent color and opaque color.  Find out the differences between the watercolors made with gum arabic for transparent color and gums and emulsions for opaque color. Many great tips and techniques for improving your understanding and skill with watercolors.

  • Oil Colors: There are numerous oils that can be used in painting, and preference varies greatly from artist to artist. Learn about the differences and particular tricks you need to know to succed in painting with oils.

  • Acrylics:  Acrylics are often used as an alternative to oil paints because acrylics dry much faster, but still give a similar result to the more tradition oil colors.  The tips and tricks in this section will have you painting with acrylics at a high standard in no time at all.

  • Color Mixing Tips:  Art is very much a creative process, not restricted to using special colors. Artists can use a multitude of color groups to mix for painting, which often lends a unique style or look to their paintings.  Learn some of the


As you can see, this really is the ultimate set of short, succint tips and techniques for drawing,  and painting and mixing color. 


Here's What Professional Artists
Say About "The Best Little Book of Art Tips"


"This is a wonderful book for beginning and intermediate artists.  As a professional artist already, I was really pleased to discover heaps of new information and tips.  And what's so great about this ebook is that you can download it instantly and refer to the information again and again.  I highly recommend it." Rebecca Porter, Broadbeach, Australia.  Full time professional artist.


"OK, So What Does This Incredible Resource Cost?"

Let's have a quick look around at some of the going prices.  You could pay $50 - $100 an hour for some private art lessons with someone who may or may not truly understand how to teach painting and drawing.  A semester of Art School could set you back a few thousand dollars. Last time we checked, you might shell out $75 - $150 for all kinds of expensive illustration and art instructional books, that will probably end up gathering dust on your shelves.

Frankly, none of these options really seem that flash to us.  So we have figured a way to provide you with a real bargain.......


By making this outstanding "Best Little Book of Art Tips" available to you as a downloadable compendium (or ebook) directly accessible from the Internet.


This method of delivery means that we have no inventory or fulfillment costs, enabling us to pass along our cost savings to you.  It's a true "win-win" situation.  And in case you're worried, it's very simple to download the information in "The Best Little Book Of Art Tips"  - you don't require any special "techno-head" skills.  It also works perfectly with both PC and Macintosh computers. 

We've decided that because you will be downloading everything online, we're not going to charge you anywhere near the amount you'd pay for an art lesson or one overpriced illustrated art lesson book. In fact, your total investment for the entire "Painting and Drawing Secrets" resource is just $9.97.


    We know the techniques in this resource are so simple and easy to learn - but we can't expect you to take our word for them.  That's why, ask you to see for yourself and try everything entirely at our risk.

    What we're saying is, don't decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't help you master the skills of drawing and painting,  if it doesn't work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our no-loopholes guarantee. No questions asked, no hard feelings and no hoops to jump through.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Is that fair or what? Are you tired of trying to get started with your painting and drawing? If so, why not learn from our "best tips and tricks" without risking a dime, today?

    You'll get the revolutionary "Best Little Book of Art Tips" material - perfect for any artist. And the whole thing is completely downloadable on your computer so you can be using it in just a few moments.


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You will be downloading and learning from this breakthrough information within just a few minutes.......and using it to draw and paint beautiful pictures!



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All the best,

 Ray Hogan & Jean Littman






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