Has the sound system in your vehicle seen better days?


Want to make your friends jealous with a subwoofer that is out of this world?


Build And Install Your Own Awesome Car Subwoofer In A Single Weekend!



You won't believe how easy it is to build and install your very own sound system!   You'll save heaps of money.  No more shelling out big bucks for a professionally built system.

What's more, you'll have great fun and a real sense of achievement while you're doing it!


If You're Going To Listen To Music, It Has To Sound Right!


Some people are happy to settle for any old car sound system.  Lots of the systems available to buy off the shelf cost heaps and sound crap! With this great new ebook, you can spend time on a fun project, and end up with an extreme system that will have your friends green with envy!

You'll be amazed at the speed you can get your new custom sound system installed in your car, because...


It's Quick And Easy
To Finish In A Weekend!


You don't have to be a professionally trained craftsman to build and install your own subwoofer. Anyone can do it.  All you need is a basic knowledge of the tools required, although you will even find help on basic tools in the book.

Here's what you'll get in this fantastic ebook:

  • A list of the tools and materials you'll need.
  • Step by step instructions for constructing the enclosure

  • Step by step instructions for installing your new system

 Here's why you'll be able do it easily...


The Step By Step Instructions Are As Simple As ABC...


"Step-by-Step To Car Subwoofer Building" is a 52 page e-book containing step by step instructions for building and installing your new sound system.

The e-book is in digitial format, which means you can download it instantly, no matter where you are or what time of the day it is.  No more waiting for the mailman, or wondering where your order is!


...here is just SOME of the expert instructions and advice inside:

  • The golden rule for selecting construction materials.

  • Is it worth the bother of working with fibreglass?

  • The favourite trick speakers salesmen try to pull.

  • Three common electrical problems you may face and how to resolve them.

  • Step-by-Step explanation of Ohm's Law, a "must-know" aspect of building sub-woofers.

  • The 3 most important sub-woofer electrical components.

  • The scientific facts about sealed and vented enclosures.

  • Selecting speakers when space is tight.

  • The 3 safety musts - ignore them at your peril!

  • 8 simple steps to follow for installing speakers.

  • 10 simple steps for amplifier installation.

  • How to remove your old radio, connect the audio cables and hook it all up to power.

  • 6 tips for trouble-free amplifier mounting.

  • How to wire the amplifier in 6 simple steps.

  • 13 easy steps for installing the subwoofer

  • Frequently asked questions and tips.

  • Several sample subwoofer box plans

And much, much more!.......


You Can Download The Plans Now...

Your new sound system is just an ebook and ONE WEEKEND away.

"Step-by-Step To Car Subwoofer Building" will provide you with everything you need to get started building and installing your new sound system. And the good news is that the money you invest in this ebook will be more than offset by the $$ you save on a buying bought system.

Especially since...

...Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed. Click the link below now to download your ebook.

Have a quick browse through the book and decide for yourself. If you think you have all the information you'll need to build and install a subwoofer, great! But if you don't.

If you're still confused, just send an email saying so within 45 days and we'll return your investment ASAP. If we can't help, we don't want your money!


"OK I'm Ready... How much will my investment in 'Step-by-Step Car Subwoofer Building" be?

After much thinking we weren't sure what would be a fair price to charge access to the 'Step-by-step Car Subwoofer Building' would be.

What you are about to access will save your heaps of money!     It will also give you fun, relaxation and a sense of achievement as you build your own awesome car subwoofer!

...Simply Put -- If we charged $37 to access this ebook it would be an absolute bargain.

However as a very special offer today we will charge you just $17 for the ebook and the opportunity to download it directly to your PC.

Place your order now and download "Step-by-step Car Subwoofer Building" now.


Click here to Order Step-by-Step Car Subwoofer Building Now!


Happy building!

All the best,

 Ray Hogan & Jean Littman


PS.  Hurry, this offer could end at any time!






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