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How To Create An Automatic Profit
Machine By Selling Ebooks on Ebay

By Cheryl Goh



Since the launch of ebay's new digital download feature, selling information products i.e ebooks and sofware has never been easier. Although I first started out selling physical products on ebay I now sell only ebooks and since I started less than two weeks ago I've been able to succesful create an automatic money machine. Everything from the payment to delivery is fully automated. All I do to keep this running is check emails occasionally and reply to buyer queries.

Profiting on ebay by selling ebooks can be broken down into 3 very simple steps:

1) Assess demand (find out what people want to buy or are presently buying)

2) Get the product/s

3) List your product on eBay

This is exactly what I did to make money on ebay selling only ebooks.

How did I assess demand? eBay has a tool called ‘Marketplace Research’ that allows you to conduct research on the top eBay keyword searches. Using this tool you can determine what buyers are searching for. I signed up for this tool and looked up some keywords in various categories. I then compiled a list of some of the top keyword searches.

I then had to determine if digital products related to those keywords were profitable. I did a quick search on eBay to see how many people were selling digital products related to the keywords I was after. I also had a look to see if these products were selling well. I now knew what digital products were profitable and my next task was to source for these products.

I didn’t want to go out and develop an ebook myself and I didn’t want to pay a ghostwriter to write one for me either. It would just take too long! All I did was search on Google for the ebook I was looking for with resale rights. Out of my list of 4 ebooks that I was looking for I managed to find 2 with resale rights. I bought these books and immediately listed them on eBay. I now sell 5-7 ebooks per day on eBay.

It was quick and easy for me because I knew exactly what would sell based on my research. That pretty much sums up the 3 simple steps.

Learn in more detail exactly how I started making money selling ebooks on ebay within a few weeks. In fact I actually sold 3 ebooks on my first day. Its simply a matter of knowing what sells.


Please visit www.wirereed.com/EbayProfitMachine.html/ and read all about how i did it.









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