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How To Create Your Own Information



If you have been dabbling with internet marketing for some time now, you’re most probably aware of the fact that information products are one of the easiest and most profitable things that your could sell online. Information products may be eBooks, special reports or articles which you could offer for a price.

Preparing information products is quite easy, at least in theory. All you need are two things:

1. Information; and

2. Writing skills

Information is the hottest commodity in the World Wide Web. This is why the Internet is called the information superhighway. If you can provide the right kind of information, you will never run out of potential customers. This is especially true if you manage to find a hungry market where the demand for such information would be immense.

Writing an eBook is very similar to writing a special report. An eBook is work composed of approximately 30 or more pages. Anything shorter would be considered as a special report. Here are some simple steps you could take to come up with an information product of this type:

1. Select a topic from the niche you have previously chosen. This topic must correspond to a particular aspect of the niche, something that people would want to know about. For example, in our running example of dog grooming, supposing you choose the niche of shih tzu dog grooming, a good topic to write about is “how to select perfect grooming kits for your shih tzu.”

2. Prepare an outline for your work. It should be as organized as possible. Start with the most basic concepts, and gradually proceed to the more advanced ones.

3. Do your research! This is very important. If you’re offering something in exchange for your prospective customers’ hard-earned money, you should give them something valuable. A well-researched work is what they deserve.

4. Fill up your outline with the necessary information. If you have a great outline, this shouldn’t be a problem. All you have to do is to write about what you have researched and include them in the specific portions allotted by the said outline.

5. Avoid plagiarism.  This is very important: . Plagiarism could ruin you. You need to learn how to respect intellectual property rights when you’re doing business online. There are no ifs and buts about it. You need to come up with an original work to sell.

6. Proofread.  Once you have finished the draft of your eBook or special report, have it proofread for errors. Make corresponding corrections.

7. Create an attractive eCover. Once you have your error-free manuscript, you would need to come up with an attractive and attention-grabbing eCover for your work. People always say that no one should judge a book by its cover. This is rarely practiced however. Many books, and many eBooks, are sold on the basis of their covers alone. Invest on a good eCover to boost your sales.

8. Convert your work into .pdf format.  The .pdf format enables more people to read your eBook, as a most computer platforms recognize this file type. (PDF stands for Portable Document Format)

Once you have completed these steps, you will own an information product that is ready to be sold!

But what if you are not possessed of writing skills, or you simply don’t have the time to write? Does this mean that you can’t come up with your own information product? Most definitely not, of course, as there are many ways to skin the cat, in a manner of speaking.

One option is to try outsourcing, or contracting the services of an outside party to help you prepare the information products you have in mind. Another is to make good use of private label rights, better known as PLR in the industry today.

Products sold with PLR allow the purchaser to alter their contents and even name themselves as the author of the works.

There is no excuse why you can't come up with your own information product. If the internet promises to be your ride to a good life, then an information product can be your ticket to hop aboard that freight train.









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