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Ray and Jean




Ray Hogan & Jean Littman live on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. They are co-owners of the popular guitar and music resource site, www.GuitaroJam.com, the art resource site www.artdesignweb.com and the busy internet marketing site www.Websense101.com.

Ray is an avid music collector and audio hi-fi buff, who believes there are only two types of music - rock and roll!  Since marrying Jean and moving to Queensland in 1993, Ray's music collection (in conjunction with his collection of baseball caps) has slowly taken over their house.

Jean is an energetic health & fitness enthusiast, budding guitarist and music fan, who is hell bent on replacing her long career as an accountant with one as webmaster of their various websites! 

For the last 13 years, Ray (a former pyschologist) & Jean have run a small business consulting firm, which helps small business owners improve their performance and profitability.  We are both planning to focus more on music and less on consulting as the website businesses develop.

Most of our spare time is spent on music related pursuits, sporting activities and hectic, fun filled days with our three grandchildren.

Our aim with the development of HogesWeb.com is to provide a busy little resource hub on the web for  online marketers and budding ebook producers.  We hope visitors will check in regularly to browse our frequently updated range of quality tools and resources.

And most of all we look forward to making new friends, swapping thoughts, ideas and fostering regular contributions to these pages.


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